Mazoura iptv service

  • Worldwide Service

    Get all the world packages in one subscription.

  • Weekly Updates

    We update our playlist every week to give our customers  the last new " channels - movies - series"

  • Free Support

    If you subscribe with us, you'll have free support for 1 year, to solve any problem can happen.
    Support on " E-mail - Whatsapp"

Important Questions

How will you get Your subscription

After payment send us on " E-mail or Whatsapp" screenshot of payment + your device name.

How to activate my smart TV

✅  Install one of this apps: Smart iptv - set iptv - net iptv - ssiptv- 

✅ Send me your mac address (on whatsapp or E-mail)

How to activate my Apple Device " IOS"

✅  If you have:

⚡ Apple TV


⚡ iPad

⚡ MacBook

✅  Download this app

❇ IPTV smarters pro 


✅ Contact me to give you your subscription

How to activate Your MAG BOX

Send me your mac address on " Whatsapp" or " E-mail" to activate it.

then put this portal:

How to activate your " Android Box - Phone "

Download this app On your box from play store"

 1 🌀 IPTV Smarters pro

2 🌀 Click on : Login with Xtream Codes API.

3 🌀 Contact me to give you your Subscription

How to activate your firestick

Explain 1: 

✅ Watch this video



Explain 2:

1 ⚡ OpenApp this app


2 ⚡ Put this url :

⚡install app.

4 ⚡Contact me to give you your Subscription

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